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 Like all the rest of the inflammatory posts of this night, this post no longer exists.

Another blog post about this thread can be found here: FourMonkeys4Me+1

I did not include the screencap of the conversation, as what he posted wasn't the full conversation. You can find the screencap he posted at FourMonkeys4me+1 linked above. Oh, and Gary you will be going to jail. I'm sure of it. Investigations take a long, long time. Just because you aren't in jail doesn't mean you won't be going there later.
Red: You Googled and you didn't find the massive amount of blogs, posts, comments against Gary and A4? Just THESE alone would have given you a ton of reading. I call bullcrap. 

Green: We welcome the authorities to prove us right. You keep saying enough is enough, yet you do nothing to stop the problems. You keep failing to be transparent. You keep being belligerent and rude to other parents. You keep doing all the things you are accused of doing.
Red: Yes, someone does. That someone is Gary. FMFM+1 proved that he was the one leaving nasty threatening comments on her blog by using his IP.  Gary should worry about all that he has done.
Green: Whoa. A terrorist? A pedophile? Care to prove those? Or are people just supposed to take your word at face value? A thief and a scammer. Absolutely. Numerous proof has been given to that.

Orange: Because this is Gary. He is a drama whore.

Red: Again, this is Gary. He had to bring up something that wasn't even currently happening in order to create drama. Yes, the 'hatters' bring up stuff from 2011. However, there's is still continuing to go on. It's called a pattern of behavior.

Red: He's engaging a phantom. No one did anything to him. He started this entire night of drama all on his own. He continued the entire night of drama all on his own.

Orange: If that's your reason for posting, then why didn't you post a picture of that instead? Because you're lying about it. It's quite simple. No one has threaten your children, your wife, your life, or anything. The only thing that's been threatened is your freedom. Jail equals zero freedom.

Green: And another person gone simply by Gary's own drama causing ways.

Blue: Once again, where's YOUR proof Gary? You scream for everyone to post proof against you. They do. Where's yours? Why didn't you call the police? Oh that's right. Making a false complaint is a crime.
Red: Finally! Someone noticed that his post was from 2011!

Orange: Yes! 100% correct!

Green: Notice, he handles it. The police don't. Facebook doesn't. He does. Because he's the only one that can in his mind. 
Red: Correct. The Attorney General of Connecticut is well aware of your claims, your scams, your schemes, your harassment, and much more. Several state, local, and other authorities have also been alerted about you Gary.

Green: Exactly. -IF- someone was actually doing what he claims, that is the direction someone should take. However, since it's not actually happening, Gary cannot do anything about it.
Red: Again, great information. Too bad for Gary that it only exists in his imagination. 
Red: He claims it's current drama. Then says it's current drama about something else entirely. The timestamps  clearly show that the actual conversation comes from 2011.
Red: Gary, if you aren't talking about things from 2011, then why are you making TWO entire posts about things from 2011. If you actually had physical (ROFL) threats from 2 weeks ago, why did you not share that? As a businessman, you SHOULD be afraid of being unpopular. That's how businesses go out of business. The only people you are outing with these rants is yourself.

Orange: Huge impact on what? Your imaginary case?
He just got done saying he's NOT talking about stuff from 2011. Now, 5 comments later, he is again. THIS is the Gary that the "hatters/pigs/termites/Survivors" want you to see. 
Red: Here she is again. His "Top Fan". I cannot wait until I get to her post and how she really feels. She is definitely trying to earn that iPad.

Orange: Oh really, B? I have been forwarded screencaps that would disagree with that assertion of yours. If you keep claiming that, I can post them.

Green: He's NOT being physically threatened. That's why he cannot get Facebook or the police involved. However, the police ARE involved with the threats he made against other people.

Red: Exactly. Want proof?

Orange: This is exactly what he does. There are LOTS that have been banned from A4 to daring to question anything. For attempting to bring to light the injustices Gary has done to them. For simply posting a comment that he construes as wrong. It's sick. 

You are not alone. Join us on Facebook at A4cwsn Survivors. 

If you have something to add to the investigation by the Attorney General, please contact:

Terence Zehnder, Special Investigator, Trade Practices Division
Department of Consumer Protection ph. (860) 713-6130 fax (860) 706-1315

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