Sunday, February 17, 2013

Congrats? Maybe.

This started off as a post of one member congratulating another member. It soon turns into Gary bullying a mother because she supported a commenter he decided to attack. So very sad to read.

Original post was found here:  Like all posts where Gary is misbehaving, it's now gone.

Yes. Tiffany won an iPad from A4. She has now won an iPad from a different site. While I congratulate her on her win, some people are upset about it. This is because they believe that she should have let someone without a device at all win. Ethics and morals means different things to different people.

That being said, the page she won from is owned buy an advertising partner of A4, and administrated by a member of A4. One of Gary's comments later in this thread will throw this whole situation into Fishville. (It's fishy.)
Red: See what I mean? If that isn't a fishy comment about it, I don't know what is.

Yellow: It doesn't matter. Gary doesn't follow his own rules for his contests anyway. It's a giant popularity contest. If Gary doesn't like you, you won't win. If his admin don't like you, you won't win. If Gary sees you've liked a competing page, you won't win. If the wind blows east, instead of west, you won't win. Nothing is fair about Gary's contests.

Orange: Right again. AppAbled, SmartAppsForKids, Tech in (sp) Ed, and many more. What do they have in common? They share each other's contests. Gary's A4 is a special breed. You have to share his contest like a child in a sweatshop, but you aren't allowed to share other contests. He'll never share them either.

Blue/Orange: Make up your mind Gary. In the previous comment you tagged her to tell her how to get her friends to help her, in the next you accuse her of being all over the Survivor page. (She commented, like, twice on there prior to this night).

Purple: This is the victim of the Gary bashing. It's heart breaking. She doesn't pay attention to the drama that surrounds Gary. So, she's honestly sticking up for a valiant supporter of A4. She will be virtually crucified for it.
Red: You are correct. The majority of the community do good things. Unfortunately, the crap will never stop. Gary thrives on drama.

Purple: One of his newest faithful supporters. She desperately wants an iPad for her daughter, so she's now joining the virtual lynch mob. Classy, right? Oh, as to her being spammed. She's posting on every Facebook page she can about A4's app of the month. It stands to reason that a lot of people don't want to see it every single day on a bunch of unrelated pages. Though I admit right here, I've starting spamming you simply because you are whining about it constantly.

Green: Let's! Are you a legit place?  Oh my!

Blue: Kerri, it doesn't matter.The only people that will ever win on A4 are those Gary thinks deserve it. Whether they have an iPad, or 3, already. Or are in need. Or actually have a child, let alone a special needs child. It doesn't matter. His contests are popularity contests, not fair ones.

Gary, her issue is that you are attacking her for supporting a member of A4. It's sick.
Orange: Um. Who cares? No one has said that iPads aren't given out. The issues are: A) Your lack of transparency with donated funds. B) You're complete unprofessional behavior.

Blue: Kerri, there is no such thing as auto-blocking. He made it up as an excuse for why he banned you the first time.

Purple: No, it's not. You are supposed to, as a group, kiss his behind. He really could care less if you get along with anyone else.
Red: Make sure you read that carefully. Gary is telling her flat out that whatever she decides, she's done with A4. That he truly does not care one way or another if she stays or if she goes. Remember, she has done NOTHING against him.
Orange: See. Regardless of what she decides, his mind is already made up. She will NEVER be eligible for anything he ever gives away. At this point, she's been put onto his blacklist. He'll let her stay on A4 (for the time being), but she'll never ever be a part of the page. The top fans will shun her. Gary will be mean to her, or ignore her. It will be like she doesn't exist.

Green: He is being wrong to you. There is no doubt of that. Gary will not block people before they show proof of his lies. He enjoys the drama. NOTE: No one should ever be afraid of someone on the internet. He is a bully and nothing more. There is help for your child(ren) out there. You do not have to jump through all his hoops to get it.

Blue: Again. There is no such thing as auto-blocking. He lied to you.

Green: Our friend Judith again still working hard for her iPad. Tiffany does friend members of A4, maybe she just doesn't like you. Survivor members did not cause drama on this post. A member of A4 simply asked why someone would enter a contest when they already have a device, especially when so many others are waiting who have nothing. The drama was all Gary. Oh, and a little spelling lesson for you. It's naysayer.
Red: They gave their hard earned money to you, Gary. As for it being false and going nowhere, you are incorrect. It went nowhere, why is the AG continuing to investigate. If it was a baseless claim, as you say, they'd have dismissed it. They didn't. You use the community's money to support A4. What have YOU done personally and financially to help others, Gary?

Green: It wasn't getting you anywhere. I'm sorry. It's a hard knock when you realize that it doesn't matter if you follow Gary's rules, as he himself doesn't.

Purple: Top Fan Judith again! Already formed an opinion of these two women based on...? Gary's say so?

Yellow: Incorrect. It's not that simple. To use a phrase from some of the Survivors, if you were standing on a street corner and about to witness someone get hit by a bus, you wouldn't get let it happen. You'd warn them. Same goes here Gary. We are warning people that the bus (you) are barreling down on them.
Green: How is warning someone that you're an inconsiderate jerk equal to harming special needs parents? Can you let the authorities deal with it and move on? No. You have to cause drama, just like you're doing on this thread.

Purple: Twilight zone music? You cannot see that you are being a a jerk? As for saying good night. We shall see. You're goodnight is never truly good night.

Judith: You have't won, but you are sure trying to win by being an ass to anyone you can, because that's what Gary is doing.

Red: Remember this. Gary's response is just assholish.
Green: Notice, after posting good night, he HAD to come back to make sure she knew he wasn't apologizing for his rude behavior.

Orange: I had to point this one simply because it makes me laugh.

Blue: Case closed. He doesn't want to talk about it, so it's over. Sadly, Kerri is the one who will lose. You will see what I mean in my next post.

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