Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Original thread was located: Gary claimed he'd leave this up for 2 days. It lasted a little over 16 hours. Another lie eh, Gary?

I do apologize in advance. I was not online to screen capture, so these are ones that have been sent to me. They are not complete captures. They focus primarily on the comments for Gary to leave Facebook.

 Dimwits, fools, spiteful. Such supportive people.
 Notice, he keeps poking at the drama.
 Try it. Google A4cwsn scam. You will be amazed.
 Dr. Gary? What is he telling people now?
 Cindy gives the most unbiased comment of the evening. It's great advice Gary really should heed. We know he won't.

 Brett is a long time A4 member. He is now leaving because of the drama and unprofessionalism of Gary. So very sad.
More poking by Gary. Plus, one of his admin, Shay, posts. Shay, he invited anyone to post on this. Maybe you should take it up with Gary if you don't want him doing that.

 Exactly Joellen. If Gary is indeed honest as he claims, it shouldn't be an issue to provide documentation. He refuses. Judith, the supporters do not outweigh the haters. There are about 15 or 20 active people on A4. Mostly you and your friends talking to each other, ignoring everyone else, and spamming Gary's marketing.

I left the poster's name in purple full because she is the writer and creator of Penelope the Purple Pirate. She has been informed of Gary's actions and continue to look the other way. This is not someone who I feel people should support.

Needy SN kids? His money? Both wrong. It might have started out as needy SN kids. Now? The only requirement is to kiss his arse. You don't need to have a SN child. You don't need to have a child period. Nor work with any. You just have to kiss his arse. As for it being his money? It's not. Look up the fundraising done sometime.

This is where my screencaps of this thread end. The post was deleted shortly after.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

You are not worthy

This post was located at: Like most all of Gary's inflammatory posts, it has been deleted.

I do not know if I have all of the comments for this thread. I was not online at the time. This is a mishmash of several people's screen captures. The majority of the content of this thread is based around Gary refusing to share a link to a fundraiser for a child after he told the mother he would.

 You can read about the claim that he never left here. A4cwsn survivor blog

 $2000 was more than he could support through the community? He raised that amount in January in 24 hours for a computer for his graphic designer.
Back to the thread:

 You don't entertain anyone's questions. You ignore them. Delete them. Hide them.

From what I understand, this post was deleted at this point. He then posted another thread that will be posted in another blog post.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Yet another one bites the dust

Tonight, a very long time supporter of A4 went out with fireworks. Gary is claiming to be in the UK right now and has left A4 under the care of admin. Only a chosen select few know the identity of these admin. This is an oddity because A4 has always been upfront about who is acting as admin. I will show you her farewell post, then a post from a few days ago leading up to it. Finally, a post showing the true nature of some of his continuing biggest supporters. (Remember, Lynette just left after 2+ years, you will too in the end.) Lynette was banned and removed from A4. Her 2+ years of friendship and support now cease to exist. That is how disposable you are to Gary.

 This is the only post screencap I have of the situation that led to Lynette's choice to leave A4. From what I gather, she merely asked who was in charge while he was gone. This could have been answered by any one of Lynette's "friends" through a PM. It seems she was chastised, bullied, and ridiculed instead.

This is the post from a current supporter. Make sure you read this. This person ADMITS in black and white that Gary does indeed use people's profiles to spy on members and developers. If this doesn't open your eyes, I don't know what will!