Sunday, February 17, 2013

Another one bites the dust

Before I begin, I want to reach out to you Kerri. You have a place for support. Where hundreds of people have all been treated the way you were. No one has ulterior motives there. No one is catty or two-faced. I wish you the best Kerri. I hope that you can hold your head high after this. You opened your eyes. Welcome to the light.

Tonight, a loyal supporter of A4, the one I posted about in Congrats? Maybe was the target of Gary's wrath and indifference. She tried for the last several day to still be a member of A4. Tonight, it all came to head over Gary's refusal to simply share a post. Something he does for others.

The original post can be found here: Since Kerri was banned, her comments are now gone. At the time of this writing, his comments and the others' comments remained.

Kerri's posts are all marked with a red dot. This continues throughout all screencaps in this post.

Orange: This is part of an earlier conversation about trying to contact Oprah to get an A4 member an iPad because of how often he talks about Oprah.

This is what Kerri wanted Gary to share. It is linked on my Facebook page. Please take the few minutes and watch this video about this sweet little boy. They take another minute or two and pray for him.
Orange: Happy nice community? Remember her?

Green: You. How can you be that obtuse?

Blue: She didn't feel this way until Gary refused to post a simple prayer request for a special needs boy who's currently in the ICU. His mother is a member of A4.

Typical Gary. Dismiss it. He knows what's going on. Don't think for a minute he doesn't.
Um... first comment. So chilling. Someone wanted to hang her? Wow.

Orange: Two faced people Kerri. A4 is full of them, especially if they are the top people on there. It's something you had to learn the hard way, like so many others did.

Blue: Typical excuse. He never has anything, even though it's posted on his own page several times.

Green: Kerri, you are wrong on this. Jenna is there. Jenna has taken part in the past. Jenna is not sweet. Don't deceive yourself.
Orange: Judith Top Fan again. Earning that iPad. Kerri is not off her rocker. People that see the light and truth about Gary are not crazy.

Green: They are. The Survivors Facebook Page will be there for you when you are ready. Every person on there has been victimized by Gary in their own way. Even those who were once against each other have come together to revel in their statements against Gary. It is truly support.

Congrats? Maybe.

This started off as a post of one member congratulating another member. It soon turns into Gary bullying a mother because she supported a commenter he decided to attack. So very sad to read.

Original post was found here:  Like all posts where Gary is misbehaving, it's now gone.

Yes. Tiffany won an iPad from A4. She has now won an iPad from a different site. While I congratulate her on her win, some people are upset about it. This is because they believe that she should have let someone without a device at all win. Ethics and morals means different things to different people.

That being said, the page she won from is owned buy an advertising partner of A4, and administrated by a member of A4. One of Gary's comments later in this thread will throw this whole situation into Fishville. (It's fishy.)
Red: See what I mean? If that isn't a fishy comment about it, I don't know what is.

Yellow: It doesn't matter. Gary doesn't follow his own rules for his contests anyway. It's a giant popularity contest. If Gary doesn't like you, you won't win. If his admin don't like you, you won't win. If Gary sees you've liked a competing page, you won't win. If the wind blows east, instead of west, you won't win. Nothing is fair about Gary's contests.

Orange: Right again. AppAbled, SmartAppsForKids, Tech in (sp) Ed, and many more. What do they have in common? They share each other's contests. Gary's A4 is a special breed. You have to share his contest like a child in a sweatshop, but you aren't allowed to share other contests. He'll never share them either.

Blue/Orange: Make up your mind Gary. In the previous comment you tagged her to tell her how to get her friends to help her, in the next you accuse her of being all over the Survivor page. (She commented, like, twice on there prior to this night).

Purple: This is the victim of the Gary bashing. It's heart breaking. She doesn't pay attention to the drama that surrounds Gary. So, she's honestly sticking up for a valiant supporter of A4. She will be virtually crucified for it.
Red: You are correct. The majority of the community do good things. Unfortunately, the crap will never stop. Gary thrives on drama.

Purple: One of his newest faithful supporters. She desperately wants an iPad for her daughter, so she's now joining the virtual lynch mob. Classy, right? Oh, as to her being spammed. She's posting on every Facebook page she can about A4's app of the month. It stands to reason that a lot of people don't want to see it every single day on a bunch of unrelated pages. Though I admit right here, I've starting spamming you simply because you are whining about it constantly.

Green: Let's! Are you a legit place?  Oh my!

Blue: Kerri, it doesn't matter.The only people that will ever win on A4 are those Gary thinks deserve it. Whether they have an iPad, or 3, already. Or are in need. Or actually have a child, let alone a special needs child. It doesn't matter. His contests are popularity contests, not fair ones.

Gary, her issue is that you are attacking her for supporting a member of A4. It's sick.
Orange: Um. Who cares? No one has said that iPads aren't given out. The issues are: A) Your lack of transparency with donated funds. B) You're complete unprofessional behavior.

Blue: Kerri, there is no such thing as auto-blocking. He made it up as an excuse for why he banned you the first time.

Purple: No, it's not. You are supposed to, as a group, kiss his behind. He really could care less if you get along with anyone else.
Red: Make sure you read that carefully. Gary is telling her flat out that whatever she decides, she's done with A4. That he truly does not care one way or another if she stays or if she goes. Remember, she has done NOTHING against him.
Orange: See. Regardless of what she decides, his mind is already made up. She will NEVER be eligible for anything he ever gives away. At this point, she's been put onto his blacklist. He'll let her stay on A4 (for the time being), but she'll never ever be a part of the page. The top fans will shun her. Gary will be mean to her, or ignore her. It will be like she doesn't exist.

Green: He is being wrong to you. There is no doubt of that. Gary will not block people before they show proof of his lies. He enjoys the drama. NOTE: No one should ever be afraid of someone on the internet. He is a bully and nothing more. There is help for your child(ren) out there. You do not have to jump through all his hoops to get it.

Blue: Again. There is no such thing as auto-blocking. He lied to you.

Green: Our friend Judith again still working hard for her iPad. Tiffany does friend members of A4, maybe she just doesn't like you. Survivor members did not cause drama on this post. A member of A4 simply asked why someone would enter a contest when they already have a device, especially when so many others are waiting who have nothing. The drama was all Gary. Oh, and a little spelling lesson for you. It's naysayer.
Red: They gave their hard earned money to you, Gary. As for it being false and going nowhere, you are incorrect. It went nowhere, why is the AG continuing to investigate. If it was a baseless claim, as you say, they'd have dismissed it. They didn't. You use the community's money to support A4. What have YOU done personally and financially to help others, Gary?

Green: It wasn't getting you anywhere. I'm sorry. It's a hard knock when you realize that it doesn't matter if you follow Gary's rules, as he himself doesn't.

Purple: Top Fan Judith again! Already formed an opinion of these two women based on...? Gary's say so?

Yellow: Incorrect. It's not that simple. To use a phrase from some of the Survivors, if you were standing on a street corner and about to witness someone get hit by a bus, you wouldn't get let it happen. You'd warn them. Same goes here Gary. We are warning people that the bus (you) are barreling down on them.
Green: How is warning someone that you're an inconsiderate jerk equal to harming special needs parents? Can you let the authorities deal with it and move on? No. You have to cause drama, just like you're doing on this thread.

Purple: Twilight zone music? You cannot see that you are being a a jerk? As for saying good night. We shall see. You're goodnight is never truly good night.

Judith: You have't won, but you are sure trying to win by being an ass to anyone you can, because that's what Gary is doing.

Red: Remember this. Gary's response is just assholish.
Green: Notice, after posting good night, he HAD to come back to make sure she knew he wasn't apologizing for his rude behavior.

Orange: I had to point this one simply because it makes me laugh.

Blue: Case closed. He doesn't want to talk about it, so it's over. Sadly, Kerri is the one who will lose. You will see what I mean in my next post.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Oh my! -UPDATED-

Original post was located here:
It's since been deleted. Guess Gary's not the only one who doesn't like proof of their bad behavior.

Special thanks to the person who sent me these screencaps.
Oh, I do hope you point your finger of judgement at yourself. There are plenty of screencaps of you throwing filth. Unless, of course, it's ok for your children to watch you sling it, but not receive it.
Green: See what I mean? Termites. So, Michelle, how do your actions affect those people? Hypocrite.

Red: It's not private. It's on a PUBLIC Facebook page. Please, remember that. People get caught up thinking that Facebook is private. It's not. Public places in Facebook don't even require someone to log on to read.

As for you, Shari, sue for what? Posting your own comments back in your face? If you don't want others to see it, perhaps you shouldn't say it in the first place.
Blue: Thanks JRR. Here's the link if you want to read the legal terms yourself. Facebook Terms

Red: JRR said NOTHING inflammatory, yet was instantly attacked. THESE are the people on A4 that are the MOST ACTIVE! These are the people Gary rewards. Please, remember that.

Orange: Look up at the top of this thread, my dear. See that little symbol of the Earth next to her post? That means it's PUBLIC.

Purple: JRR, you are way more congenial than I could ever be to these people.
Red: Whoa. Insane over reaction here toots. If you don't want people reading stuff you post on Facebook, you really shouldn't post on a public page. Period. End of story.

Orange: Then as their parent, you should keep an eye on what they are reading. There is way more damaging things on the internet than someone calling Gary a scammer. Also, if you're that worried about it, maybe YOU shouldn't be slinging the virtual mud yourself. Just a thought.
Red: Again with the termite reference. Remember, these are the people calling the Survivors out for saying bad things about Gary. Also, Judith, I doubt you could ignore them.

Blue: Exactly! Why are you letting your children read things that you think is offensive?

Green: It's never been safe to post private or semi-private information on public Facebook pages.
Red: Oh Michelle. How are you going to control who sees things on a PUBLIC page? You can't. You seem to think you can. Writing that no one has your permission, doesn't alter the fact that legally they do.

Green: By the way, how's that working for you? I can still see everything you post. As can several others.

Purple: Try it sometime. Log out of Facebook. Then go to a public page's URL. I bet you'll be amazed.

Orange: JRR, they are hypocrites. They are foul mouthed, name calling, cronies. Nothing else. If this is their behavior in public, I can only imagine what it is like behind closed (virtual) doors.
Red: Pigs. Termites. et al. Remember, she's the one that POSTED this post saying to think how what you say will affect someone before you say it. Guess she doesn't have to practice what she preaches.

Green: Again, how's that working for you? There are several people that are ACTIVE members of A4 that have been sending me screencaps. Let's see how paranoid you are.

Blue: It took her 4 hours to delete this post after she said she was going to do it now.

JRR, you do NOT need help. Nothing you said was in any way inflammatory, derogative, or abusive. YOU were the one who was viciously attacked. I hope you are ok after this.

To those reading this who are on the fence, please remember that these people attacking are the TOP FANS of A4. This is how Gary wants you to act. It's disgusting.

UPDATE: This screencap was just sent to me. It's the conclusion to this post.
Julie, you are a refreshing site on the A4 page. Thank you for standing up for JRR (and the others they call names and treat horridly)

Michelle now wants to poke people's eyes out? THIS IS NOT how someone should ever act. No one has wished harm to them. Why on Earth is she wishing bodily harm on the people that don't agree with her? She is beginning to sound a lot like Gary.

Thank you Daisy. Someone who actually gets how Facebook works.

Are you a legit place? I'm confused.

Original post is located here:
 However, like all posts Gary doesn't like, it's been deleted.

This post gives an interesting look into the mindset of the raid Top Fans of A4. A simply question was posted on the A4 page. Logic would assume that since it's a PUBLIC page, anyone can comment on the posts. I will let the comments speak for themselves, for the most part.

Here is a Top Fan to tattle on someone with a differing opinion!
If you notice, a second "Top Fan" has come into the conversation now to defend. Notice the names she calls me. Moron. Piece of crap. Liar. Not to mention the language used. Did I call them names? Begs the question "Who is the mature adult?"
Woo hoo! The third rabid Top Fan! If you don't want negativity, maybe you should start with yourself. You cannot stick your head in the sand and pretend that differing opinions don't exist.

Also, since I managed to NOT capture my second comment, here it is:
Now back to the rest of the comments.
THESE are his TOP FANS people!  Oh, remember how I said I'd post how the one really thought about things. Here's that. The other one gets a post all her own.

Yes, A4 is ALL about the CHILDREN. Yes. You have me convinced. (That's sarcasm for those that fail at it.)

Take a look at this!

Original post can be found here:
 Like all the rest of the inflammatory posts of this night, this post no longer exists.

Another blog post about this thread can be found here: FourMonkeys4Me+1

I did not include the screencap of the conversation, as what he posted wasn't the full conversation. You can find the screencap he posted at FourMonkeys4me+1 linked above. Oh, and Gary you will be going to jail. I'm sure of it. Investigations take a long, long time. Just because you aren't in jail doesn't mean you won't be going there later.
Red: You Googled and you didn't find the massive amount of blogs, posts, comments against Gary and A4? Just THESE alone would have given you a ton of reading. I call bullcrap. 

Green: We welcome the authorities to prove us right. You keep saying enough is enough, yet you do nothing to stop the problems. You keep failing to be transparent. You keep being belligerent and rude to other parents. You keep doing all the things you are accused of doing.
Red: Yes, someone does. That someone is Gary. FMFM+1 proved that he was the one leaving nasty threatening comments on her blog by using his IP.  Gary should worry about all that he has done.
Green: Whoa. A terrorist? A pedophile? Care to prove those? Or are people just supposed to take your word at face value? A thief and a scammer. Absolutely. Numerous proof has been given to that.

Orange: Because this is Gary. He is a drama whore.

Red: Again, this is Gary. He had to bring up something that wasn't even currently happening in order to create drama. Yes, the 'hatters' bring up stuff from 2011. However, there's is still continuing to go on. It's called a pattern of behavior.

Red: He's engaging a phantom. No one did anything to him. He started this entire night of drama all on his own. He continued the entire night of drama all on his own.

Orange: If that's your reason for posting, then why didn't you post a picture of that instead? Because you're lying about it. It's quite simple. No one has threaten your children, your wife, your life, or anything. The only thing that's been threatened is your freedom. Jail equals zero freedom.

Green: And another person gone simply by Gary's own drama causing ways.

Blue: Once again, where's YOUR proof Gary? You scream for everyone to post proof against you. They do. Where's yours? Why didn't you call the police? Oh that's right. Making a false complaint is a crime.
Red: Finally! Someone noticed that his post was from 2011!

Orange: Yes! 100% correct!

Green: Notice, he handles it. The police don't. Facebook doesn't. He does. Because he's the only one that can in his mind. 
Red: Correct. The Attorney General of Connecticut is well aware of your claims, your scams, your schemes, your harassment, and much more. Several state, local, and other authorities have also been alerted about you Gary.

Green: Exactly. -IF- someone was actually doing what he claims, that is the direction someone should take. However, since it's not actually happening, Gary cannot do anything about it.
Red: Again, great information. Too bad for Gary that it only exists in his imagination. 
Red: He claims it's current drama. Then says it's current drama about something else entirely. The timestamps  clearly show that the actual conversation comes from 2011.
Red: Gary, if you aren't talking about things from 2011, then why are you making TWO entire posts about things from 2011. If you actually had physical (ROFL) threats from 2 weeks ago, why did you not share that? As a businessman, you SHOULD be afraid of being unpopular. That's how businesses go out of business. The only people you are outing with these rants is yourself.

Orange: Huge impact on what? Your imaginary case?
He just got done saying he's NOT talking about stuff from 2011. Now, 5 comments later, he is again. THIS is the Gary that the "hatters/pigs/termites/Survivors" want you to see. 
Red: Here she is again. His "Top Fan". I cannot wait until I get to her post and how she really feels. She is definitely trying to earn that iPad.

Orange: Oh really, B? I have been forwarded screencaps that would disagree with that assertion of yours. If you keep claiming that, I can post them.

Green: He's NOT being physically threatened. That's why he cannot get Facebook or the police involved. However, the police ARE involved with the threats he made against other people.

Red: Exactly. Want proof?

Orange: This is exactly what he does. There are LOTS that have been banned from A4 to daring to question anything. For attempting to bring to light the injustices Gary has done to them. For simply posting a comment that he construes as wrong. It's sick. 

You are not alone. Join us on Facebook at A4cwsn Survivors. 

If you have something to add to the investigation by the Attorney General, please contact:

Terence Zehnder, Special Investigator, Trade Practices Division
Department of Consumer Protection ph. (860) 713-6130 fax (860) 706-1315

Is A4 hacking stuff? Or has Gary lost it?

Original post can be found here:   Like all inflammatory posts from that night, this has been deleted.

Yes. He's going there. This is going to be an entertaining ride.

 Red: You are not the first person to ask this of him. You will not be the last. This is how Gary really is though. He thrives on drama.

Blue: No. No one was doing anything. This was drama started by Gary. However, he is bringing up something that was said in 2011. Yes, you read that right. 2011.
This person NEVER comments on A4. Magically the appear within minutes of this conversation starting. Fishy, fishy.

 Red: You'll see what we're talking about in the next post. He posts a screencap from a conversation that happened in 2011. In typical Gary fashion though, he doesn't post the whole conversation.

 Gary, Gary, Gary. Of course accusations from a year ago matter, however, you are supposed to be an above board businessman. Businessmen do not act like prepubescent teenage girls.  Oh, and I'm sorry that you are so hung up on Tiffany that you think everyone is her. Or Lois. Or Anne. Or a yeti. I can assure you that I am not Tiffany, or Lois, or Anne, or anyone else you want to blame. You ignore 99% of the people on your page because they do not kiss your behind. I was one of them.  Once again, you need to figure out what libel, slander, and defamation are. Slander is SPOKEN word. Libel is WRITTEN word. Defamation is something UNTRUE about a person that hurts their reputation. It is the PETITIONER's responsibility to prove those accusations are untrue. You've yet to prove anyone wrong.

 Red: Once again, one of his favorite "Top Fan"s working hard.

Green: Because you blocked her in 2011? Why do you insist on talking to people you know cannot respond to you? Is it because you think it makes you look right? It doesn't. It makes you look crazy.
Is it really that easy to get you to go away? Oh how I wish it were. As for proving our statement on what you've done, we are. Every time you pull one of these little stunts, more people see your true nature. You are unstable.

Notice the last comment. He moves onto a different post. That's where we'll be headed next.