Sunday, February 17, 2013

Another one bites the dust

Before I begin, I want to reach out to you Kerri. You have a place for support. Where hundreds of people have all been treated the way you were. No one has ulterior motives there. No one is catty or two-faced. I wish you the best Kerri. I hope that you can hold your head high after this. You opened your eyes. Welcome to the light.

Tonight, a loyal supporter of A4, the one I posted about in Congrats? Maybe was the target of Gary's wrath and indifference. She tried for the last several day to still be a member of A4. Tonight, it all came to head over Gary's refusal to simply share a post. Something he does for others.

The original post can be found here: Since Kerri was banned, her comments are now gone. At the time of this writing, his comments and the others' comments remained.

Kerri's posts are all marked with a red dot. This continues throughout all screencaps in this post.

Orange: This is part of an earlier conversation about trying to contact Oprah to get an A4 member an iPad because of how often he talks about Oprah.

This is what Kerri wanted Gary to share. It is linked on my Facebook page. Please take the few minutes and watch this video about this sweet little boy. They take another minute or two and pray for him.
Orange: Happy nice community? Remember her?

Green: You. How can you be that obtuse?

Blue: She didn't feel this way until Gary refused to post a simple prayer request for a special needs boy who's currently in the ICU. His mother is a member of A4.

Typical Gary. Dismiss it. He knows what's going on. Don't think for a minute he doesn't.
Um... first comment. So chilling. Someone wanted to hang her? Wow.

Orange: Two faced people Kerri. A4 is full of them, especially if they are the top people on there. It's something you had to learn the hard way, like so many others did.

Blue: Typical excuse. He never has anything, even though it's posted on his own page several times.

Green: Kerri, you are wrong on this. Jenna is there. Jenna has taken part in the past. Jenna is not sweet. Don't deceive yourself.
Orange: Judith Top Fan again. Earning that iPad. Kerri is not off her rocker. People that see the light and truth about Gary are not crazy.

Green: They are. The Survivors Facebook Page will be there for you when you are ready. Every person on there has been victimized by Gary in their own way. Even those who were once against each other have come together to revel in their statements against Gary. It is truly support.

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