Monday, February 11, 2013

1/31/13 Post 5 (part 2)

This is the 2nd part in a series, to start from the beginning, please click HERE.

Whoa. So, because you receive something, you have to remain a faithful supporter FOR LIFE? What other company does that? Let's also notice that this 'supporter' of Gary's claims that those against him must not have special needs children. How dare she go there! Then she further continues to act like a drama queen by calling those against Gary termites. THIS is how he wants people to act? Remember, this is one of his "Top Supporters"!
Actually Gary, it does matter what David thinks. It matters what every single person on your site thinks. If you were a proper businessman, you would know this. If it's about the truth though, why don't you start telling the truth? Your claims against Taffie were proven false, as she can provide PROOF that what she says is true.

Thank you Kate!
And another one bites the dust. Gary did this all by himself. David started out simply questioning why Gary had to do these posts in a public forum. It ended up with David realizing that Gary does NOT care what the community members want. It's only what Gary wants. David, I'm so sorry you had to see the true Gary this way. I'm so glad you saw him for what he is though.

As for you, Johnna, they HAVE. The COMMUNITY is who buys the iPads, not Gary. Please, do not believe it is anything other than that.
Let things happen his way. Or you can leave. That's it. Period.

And no, Michelle, David's comments did not sound like he was against Gary and everything he does. He sounded like a man trying to get someone to understand that BUSINESMEN do NOT act like this! However, since he dared to question Gary, you went on full attack mode. How typical.

This is where my screencaps of this post end. I'm sure there were more comments, but you can read them yourself, if you so choose, if they still exist.

Please realize one thing about A4. Do not question anything ever. If you do, even as simply as to ask how the contests work, you will be vilified and virtually tarred and feathered by the top supporters, then banned by Gary himself.

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