Saturday, February 2, 2013

Jan 31, 2013 Post One

Here is the link to what's left of the original post:  Unfortunately, I was unable to capture all the comments in this post. However, the rest of the posts that night were captured. 

So, here we go:

As you can see, he posts about trying to contact a member of A4 who's friend he helped for Christmas. Remember, A4 is supposed to be this wonderful place where the benevolent benefactor helps SN children. A favorite line of his is "It's all for the kids." This is post in and of itself isn't other the top. It will get there. Just read further on. However, if he helped this woman, why doesn't he have her contact information? Why does he feel the need to do this publicly?

Notice the two highlighted comments. They are by two of GJ's biggest supporters. One is even his graphic designer! Already, people are being nasty and no one yet knows why he is posting this.
This Survivors page. We are people who have opened our eyes to the lies, half-truths, and disinformation Gary feeds people. We are trying to get people to see him for what he is. Unlike other pages, we welcome differing opinions. We never delete or hide comments, posts. Please, stop in and read our posts to see the real Gary James.

Notice, the first intimidation tactic of the night has started. "This is not a joke, or a game, this is very serious".  Also note: Gary has not said WHY he wants this person to contact him, yet the speculation that she's dishonest has started. Interesting, that almost ALL the people posting that are Gary's favorite people.
You are correct. They should be handled privately. However, that's not the way Gary operates. He feeds off of drama and discord. He posted this to create drama.

Here unfortunately is where I lose this post. When I came back to refresh it, posts were gone. However, this one and a few others remained.
This profile is a fake, and therefore I will not be hiding their name/profile pic.

Good question. Very good question. It's typical Gary behavior. Edit out things you don't like.

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