Sunday, February 3, 2013

1/31/13 Post Two (Part 6)

This is the 6th part in a series. To read from the beginning, please click HERE.

I apologize that this post has had to be broken into so many parts. There are quite simply too many comments that need brought out, questioned, and fact found to do this in one post. I also apologize that the remaining posts from that night will also be broken down into separate series. 

JRR has given me her permission to use her full name.  
So, this person KNOWS where the money goes? She's the only one. I don't even think Gary knows where it all went. Also, this person making the comment has been on A4 for a few months. Hardly the time frame required to know what's going on. Some of the people against Gary have been there since the beginning.
Arrow: What in the hell is that? Why is he bringing something like that up? What the hell? If that isn't an intimidation tactic I don't know what is.
Adam Levine, while a real person, is a fake profile
Very unprofessional and very typical of the real Gary.
Court records in Florida? Yes, they exist. I won't link to it as I don't know if I legally can, but go to Miami Dade county's website. Or, visit the A4cwsn Survivors page on Facebook. They have the case numbers available so you can read.

As for lying about dying from cancer, I have no idea if this is true. However, several women who were at the fundraiser in question have confirmed that he said this to them.

The video? Well, I have not seen it. I've heard a lot about it in recent times.

Let me leave you with this thought. Is THIS the kind of behavior you'd expect from a man running a business?

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