Sunday, February 3, 2013

1/31/13 Post Two (Part 5)

This is the 5th part in a series. To start from the beginning, please click HERE.

First arrow: They aren't false and defamatory comments. They've turned out to be quite true. All you need to do is look for yourself.

Second arrow: This begs a very interesting question. Why hasn't Gary used VSP to fundraise?
Arrow: Again, begs a very interesting question as to why he doesn't use VSP to raise the funds.
Arrow: This is something I wasn't aware of. I assumed (falsely) that he was provided a code and then did a review of it. I was incorrect. Every one of his reviews are paid. All of them. This information is available on his website.

Shall we break it down? Of course we shall!

There are 3 different zones for a VIDEO REVIEW. Zone 1, Zone 2, and Zone 3 get you various size ads, your ad included on the A4 website, a VIDEO REVIEW of each app, that VIDEO REVIEW then uploaded to iTunes, YouTube, Pinterest, and his website. You also get daily exposure of your app to his various social media sites. 

Cost for these zones: 
         Zone 1: $200 A MONTH
         Zone 2: $150 PER APP and/or $250 for the entire box size
         Zone 3: $120 PER APP

Those are the only ways to get a video review. There are other ways to be featured on A4 though. 

If you are interested in just a write up of your app, and having it included on the A4 website, this is available for $50. This is a write up only, and is not counted as a review.

For $30, he'll do a press release on your app.

For $25, you can have a parent, teacher, or therapist review your app. Notice, this money goes to HIM, not the person reviewing.

So, tell me, how are we supposed to trust ANYTHING he reviews, if he's paid for everything he says? I was flabbergasted when I saw this. Now, I don't care that he is paid for reviewing apps. It happens quite a lot. However, a moral and ethical business will disclose this information in each review they do. He has never disclosed this information in any review he's done.

First Arrow: Again, great question.

Second Arrow: Correct. I've never seen a disclaimer of any kind saying he's not a 501c3.

Third Arrow. Yes, they did get people off of the page. Myself included. Shall we revisit the amount when he started this rant?
Notice that it says 19,136 people like A4cwsn on Facebook. Today:
Notice, that says 19,081 people like A4cwsn on Facebook. I'd say several people left.

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