Sunday, February 10, 2013

1/31/13 Post Three (Part 3)

This is the 3rd post in a series, to start from the beginning, please click HERE.

"Send money for your stupidness." Classy right there.

Someone just informed that since all these posts are on a public page, I'm not required to black out their names/profile pictures. From now on, unless they've given me permission to use their full name, I will still black out their last name and profile picture. I will not be blacking out their first name.

Red: Once again, Gary shows his true colors. He's now accusing a SN mother of abusing her children. If you watch further comments, his 'supporters' go right along with it. They don't question him once on his behavior.

Orange: This woman is a nasty woman. She has been continually calling people names (and will continue to do so).  As for a poor example of a parent, maybe she should point that finger at herself.
Actually, A4 isn't stronger than ever. Take some time and go back over older posts. There used to be a community several hundred people strong posting all the time. Developers used to drop in all during the day to offer codes, cases, stylus, and other things. Ask Gary sometime the amount of developers that have pulled out. Ask about Griffin. Ask why developers aren't hosting app parties on A4 anymore. (They are on other pages.) Yes, there are 19,000 'likes'. This is due to contests where you had to enter by getting 10+ people to 'like' A4 and say you sent them. How many of those 19,000 are actually active? 
Red: Poor form to call God, or any religion for that matter, into this. Just because someone disagrees with what you believe, doesn't mean they should seek God. 

Orange: "Ban the trolls" Interesting take on things. A person isn't a troll simply you don't like what they are saying. By the same token of definition on your side, Gary would be considered a troll too. Don't forget that fact.

Green: Incorrect. Gary doesn't. The community does. Please do not forget that. The community funded EVERYTHING that happens on that page.
Blue: This woman has asked several times to have her money refunded, yet her posts keep disappearing. 

Red: Trolls and haters, that's what people who are trying to keep people from being duped are called. This from wonderful loving caring supporting members of A4.

 Is that the kind of place you want to frequent? I know I don't.

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