Saturday, February 16, 2013

Does he care about likes? You bet he does!

Original post can be found at: However, if you follow this link, you can clearly see this post has been deleted.
So, you don't care about your likes? Then how do you explain this?
He keeps a database of people that like/unlike the page. These are his own words! See Gary, you DO care about your likes going up and down. Try to deny it as much as you want. You are the King at talking in circles.
 Blue: This is the real Gary. This is what he does. He creates drama, then deletes the drama. Most people never catch on.

Red: Sadly, she will. Not on this day, but soon. There will be a post about this too.

Green: He knows. He likes the drama. He was trying to entice the 'hatters' to come argue with him. When it didn't work, he went on attack mode.
 Red: See. The drama will only be over if he stops creating it. ALL of the drama on A4 could end quickly if he'd be transparent, ethical, and a proper businessman.

Green: Watch. This comment will disappear. This is because this poster gets banned.

Green: See. Comment is now gone.

Red: Yes, he does. Do I need to remind you?
Blue: This is one of his rabid Top Fans. She will have her own post featured here so you can see the true depths these people will go to just to get Gary's attention.

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