Saturday, February 2, 2013

1/31/13 Post Two (Part 3)

This is the 3rd part in a series. Please start at the beginning HERE.

This is exactly how I felt watching these rants continue on. Little did I know, at the time, that things would get much worse.
Um.. Gary. Remember a few posts back where Taffie herself said she made contact with you? Why do you insist on continuing with harassing Melissa? Why do you continue to keep these posts ongoing?

Also, again with the claim that you funded those iPads. Do you really forget where all your money comes from? Let me remind you once again. Here is YOUR ChipIn for T-18 and military iPads. As for the urn, I have no idea whether you did as you said, but if that were the case, why was THIS ChipIn created?
Again, someone points out that Taffie has replied to him, yet he is still too busy creating drama.
Ok. First comment: There is no way you contacted the AG and they told you they will do nothing. I have called and they are investigating him.

Second comment: Make special note of where Gary says that they have decided not to finalize the 501c3 for VSP. He'll claim something completely different in a bit.

Third comment: A different person than the previous who is now questioning whether this was the appropriate forum for this. He is 100% correct. Gary chose this route because he craves drama.

Fourth comment: Again from a former admin

Final comment: Facts are posted constantly. You ignore them and/or delete them.
Sid Michael is a fake profile, admitted in later comments
This highlight comment is none other than the person earlier who was telling Richard to do research before accusing. Now, she's back to say that those standing up to Gary don't have children at all! Remember, A4 is a loving, welcoming community.

As for the comment below it, there is TONS of proof. Please, just look for it like I did. Also, notice that Gary's already talking circles about the 501c3 for VSP.
He's now calling JRR by her first name. More intimidation?

Terence Zehnder, Special Investigator, Trade Practices Division
Department of Consumer Protection ph. (860) 713-6130 fax (860) 706-1315

-----To Be Continued-----

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