Saturday, February 2, 2013

Jan 31, 2013 Post Two (Part 2)

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Yes, Richard is correct. Gary did both these things. Link1, Link2 Of course, he deletes anything remotely incriminating. He's wiped out almost an entire year on Twitter. However, screen shots will live on.
And now someone who desperately wants an iPad joins in, because the easiest way to get an iPad from A4? Defend Gary.
Notice, Taffie says SHE contacted him and said she'd return the money to him. Yet, he continues on. If contact has been made, and that was his ONLY reason for posting this, then why does he continue on?
Yes, he does go onto other people's profiles and say things about them in an attempt to intimidate them. As for the final comment, SPMK herself bullies and singles out people on her own off A4 page. She is also one of Gary's top supporters and won Disney tickets for her support of him.
Really Gary? You gave ALL the money for the Trisomy and military iPads? So where did this money go then?
Gary, they have been posting facts and proof. You just keep ignoring it. To the first arrow: Bravo. Exactly what a lot of people were thinking that night. This is NOT the kind of behavior a businessman should ever exhibit.

Second arrow: Once again, she is assuming they don't help in the SN community and/or they are a fake profile. Because, if you disagree with Gary, you must be fake.
First comment: Really? That's how wonderful and loving this community really is. Third comment is from a former A4 admin. As for the non-existent Attorney General investigation, it is real. I called. There is an active, open, and on-going investigation into Gary James. Don't believe me? Please, contact:

Terence Zehnder, Special Investigator, Trade Practices Division
Department of Consumer Protection ph. (860) 713-6130 fax (860) 706-1315

------- To be continued ----------

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