Sunday, February 10, 2013

1/31/13 Post 5 (Part 1)

This is post FIVE of this same night. Can you believe we haven't let January 31st yet? Once again, this is another call to kiss his butt. This one ends up being completely different than the previous butt kissing post.

Original post found here:

If it were about the children, why does Gary refuse to link to other sites that can help children? Why does Gary refuse to allow people to link their fundraiser for their child? Why does Gary spend an insane amount of (community raised) money on travel, when Apple ships iPads for free? If it were about the children, wouldn't you do anything you could for the children?
Actually, he IS the problem.
Remember how I told you to pay attention to the orange arrows... here you go. Keep an eye on them. This man will post a ton of things each more desperate in order to get Gary to notice him.
Once again, he has no proof of anything he is claiming, yet he continues on. As for putting A4 on the line, he should have thought of that long ago.
Green: Once again, this isn't how a businessman should ever act.

Blue: He refuses. He even refuses to give them to the AG of CT!
Yellow: This man will be a voice of reason. He will continue to ask why Gary allows the drama on his page, why Gary perpetuates the drama.

Red: Really? Gary is the king of deleting posts. You will see this later on when I link you to whole posts that no longer exist.

Blue: The truth is coming out Gary and you are afraid of it.

Brown: Couldn't play the game anymore. That's exactly what it is. Too many people have asked exactly how to 'win' an iPad, the 'rules' are posted, then Gary announces a winner that didn't follow these stated rules. Yet, when confronted about it, Gary goes on about how it's HIS page and he can do what he wants.
Yellow: Once again, a voice of reason. Why does the community need this information? Especially information that has been proven to be false.

Red: The protocol has been followed. The AG is still waiting for you to turn over your financial statements.

Green: If you actually knew the truth, you wouldn't be on A4 anymore.

Blue: What IS more important? To Gary, that would be the drama because he can attempt to make himself look like a victim.
Green: It's stealing, not steeling. The Attorney General has been given documents pertaining to Gary's theft of the Special Needs community.

Red: I hope you remember this statement when it's you Gary is accusing of something next.
Well, in reality, the law is who is telling him how he can do it. That's why laws exist about accepting donations across state lines, accepting donations internationally, while claiming to be a business or charity.
Red: They have, repeatedly, you delete it or try to manipulate it to say it's been taken out of context.

Yellow: I wasn't around at this point in time, but several people have mentioned this. You can read one person's recollection of it HERE.
Yes, please do.

Terence Zehnder, Special Investigator, Trade Practices Division
Department of Consumer Protection ph. (860) 713-6130 fax (860) 706-1315

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