Sunday, February 3, 2013

1/31/13 Post Two (Part 7)

This is the 7th and final post in a series. You can start at the beginning by clicking HERE.

Jenn Zoogames is a fake profile
Wow. A supporter of A4 just said that she doesn't care what he does with the money or how he gets it. THIS is why scammers and fraudsters are so prevalent.
He wants the person who wants their money back to post their email. Really? There's no reason whatsoever for someone to post their email to receive a refund. It's just more Gary intimidation.
This is how they chose to answer. I love it.

Unfortunately, this is the end of what I have for this particular post. I was too busy capturing other posts. What's that? Yes, there are more posts. He made SIX in total that night. Now, on to Post 3.

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