Sunday, February 10, 2013

1/31/13 Post Three (Part 4)

This is the 4th part in a series, to start at the beginning, please click HERE.

Remember, this was a post about accusing a special needs mother of scamming the A4 community, with ZERO proof. These are fellow special needs parents now asking for her virtual head on a platter.
One of the few people to not instantly villanize Melissa/Taffie without knowing the whole story. Bravo.

This is where I stopped taking screencaps. If you visit the post: A4cwsn, you can read any comments that were posted after this, assuming they weren't deleted. However, I did notice this post on the very bottom of the thread today.
Yes you are reading that correctly. This whole drama filled evening of posts about Melissa and Taffie are made up! Gary made it all up. Taffie can prove that everything she said was true. Gary cannot.

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