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1/31/13 Post Three (Part 1)

Here we go, the 1st post in another epic post. Link to the original post:

Are you reading this? Can you believe this? A business man went there. Taffie and Melissa BOTH had contacted him, however he just HAD to post what he believed to be the truth. No proof other than 'his word' that this was true.

Also note, he claims their IP addresses are the same, which means he's collecting more than just your name, address, etc on his website. What is he doing with this information? Besides the obvious, I mean.

He also says he's going to post the police report? Oh heaven help me. However, I do love this statement:

"... if you scam A4 or our community, we will do everything we can to prove your are lying." Isn't that what the 'hatters' are doing? Doing everything they can to show you are a scammer? and a liar?
Ok. First off, green arrow: As you can see, I clearly missed some comments. For that, I am truly sorry. You can check the link above, but I don't know if comments were deleted from the beginning, as I don't have those comments.

Red arrow: 114 people like this! What a sick thing to like based on ZERO evidence.

Blue arrow: Someone shared this? What kind of person does that?
Megan's full name used with permission
Megan, you are correct. In all my years, I've never once witnessed a business that behaved quite like Gary does.
Red: No motive other than to show the truth? Let the police deal with it? It that why you required THREE drama filled posts about it?

Green: Asking for money in the middle of all of this. Wow.

Blue: Once again, Megan, I agree with you. Professional business owners do not act this way, especially not in public.

Yellow: You want to go there Gary? You've posted plenty of links asking for money that was not needed. 33 of the iPads for the 50/50/50 were donated. You only needed to raise funds for 17 more. (Well, 15, since only 48 were actually given out.) So, let's do the math here, shall we? 17 iPads x $450 each (rough estimate on price in 2011) = $7650 How much did you raise for 50/50/50 again? $25,000 at least. Where did the rest of that money go Gary?
Red: That's not a bad idea. The problem is, Gary cannot stay away. He thrives on the drama and discord.

Green: Again, not a bad idea. Once again, this is not something Gary will do. He will do exactly as he pleases, regardless of what the community wants.

Blue: You have 'grown' because you've held contests that required people to get 10 or more people to like it in order to even be entered. 19,000 people with 100 active isn't a great business model.
Red: This is an interesting accusation. I have no idea if it is, but it would definitely explain a lot of things.

Green: Under legal counsel? You expect people to believe legal counsel advised you to publicly berate people? If you actually had legal counsel, they would most likely have advised you to NOT engage with anyone, take a step back from the website, and cooperate with the AG. All things you have not done.
I wasn't aware he had more children. Why does he never talk about them?  Also, once again, you can look up the court records. I did early this morning. Quite an interesting read.
Orange: I wish I'd have captured the full statement. It was truly a great statement. What is more important?

Green: Whoa! Way false answer there Gary. It was not dismissed. He lost. There's a big difference.
There's the link to the post about the court case, if you're interested. You'll have to type it out though.
Why is it that anytime someone questions Gary, it MUST be a personal vendetta? It's not. It's about protecting special needs families.
Um... Most of them are blocked from the page. That's why. Convince Gary to unblock them and they will.
Red: This is a comment I missed when this was happening live. I am curious as to what the poster means.

Orange: Why is it always this argument? They are only trying to help you from being scammed. Why is this a bad thing?

Green: Once again, you blocked them. Those that aren't blocked are using their real names.
So many things in this one. Red: They are helping others, by trying to keep them from being hurt by Gary.

Orange: That isn't what counts. Paid reviews are biased reviews. Especially when there's no disclosure that you are reading a paid review.

Green: Incorrect. The community gave you your iPad, not Gary. Please, remember that.

Blue: Once again, read this post.

Purple: So, you'd prefer a paid review rather than an honest one?
Red: You really should have read that before you posted. It doesn't say anything about posting the link to the information on a website. However, I wish he would contact an actual attorney because falsifying information on the previous case is liable to bite him in the rear end.

Orange: She, along with others, have been telling people all night long. You collect more money than you give back out and refuse to be transparent in those donations.

Yellow: Bingo. We have a winner. Had Gary done this in the beginning, there would be no drama (well, from the 'hatters' anyway). There would be no investigation by the Attorney General of Connecticut. Gary chose not to. He simply need to be a legit company/charity and nothing would be said. He's not. That is where the issue comes in.

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