Saturday, February 16, 2013

Are you a legit place? I'm confused.

Original post is located here:
 However, like all posts Gary doesn't like, it's been deleted.

This post gives an interesting look into the mindset of the raid Top Fans of A4. A simply question was posted on the A4 page. Logic would assume that since it's a PUBLIC page, anyone can comment on the posts. I will let the comments speak for themselves, for the most part.

Here is a Top Fan to tattle on someone with a differing opinion!
If you notice, a second "Top Fan" has come into the conversation now to defend. Notice the names she calls me. Moron. Piece of crap. Liar. Not to mention the language used. Did I call them names? Begs the question "Who is the mature adult?"
Woo hoo! The third rabid Top Fan! If you don't want negativity, maybe you should start with yourself. You cannot stick your head in the sand and pretend that differing opinions don't exist.

Also, since I managed to NOT capture my second comment, here it is:
Now back to the rest of the comments.
THESE are his TOP FANS people!  Oh, remember how I said I'd post how the one really thought about things. Here's that. The other one gets a post all her own.

Yes, A4 is ALL about the CHILDREN. Yes. You have me convinced. (That's sarcasm for those that fail at it.)

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