Saturday, February 16, 2013

Oh my! -UPDATED-

Original post was located here:
It's since been deleted. Guess Gary's not the only one who doesn't like proof of their bad behavior.

Special thanks to the person who sent me these screencaps.
Oh, I do hope you point your finger of judgement at yourself. There are plenty of screencaps of you throwing filth. Unless, of course, it's ok for your children to watch you sling it, but not receive it.
Green: See what I mean? Termites. So, Michelle, how do your actions affect those people? Hypocrite.

Red: It's not private. It's on a PUBLIC Facebook page. Please, remember that. People get caught up thinking that Facebook is private. It's not. Public places in Facebook don't even require someone to log on to read.

As for you, Shari, sue for what? Posting your own comments back in your face? If you don't want others to see it, perhaps you shouldn't say it in the first place.
Blue: Thanks JRR. Here's the link if you want to read the legal terms yourself. Facebook Terms

Red: JRR said NOTHING inflammatory, yet was instantly attacked. THESE are the people on A4 that are the MOST ACTIVE! These are the people Gary rewards. Please, remember that.

Orange: Look up at the top of this thread, my dear. See that little symbol of the Earth next to her post? That means it's PUBLIC.

Purple: JRR, you are way more congenial than I could ever be to these people.
Red: Whoa. Insane over reaction here toots. If you don't want people reading stuff you post on Facebook, you really shouldn't post on a public page. Period. End of story.

Orange: Then as their parent, you should keep an eye on what they are reading. There is way more damaging things on the internet than someone calling Gary a scammer. Also, if you're that worried about it, maybe YOU shouldn't be slinging the virtual mud yourself. Just a thought.
Red: Again with the termite reference. Remember, these are the people calling the Survivors out for saying bad things about Gary. Also, Judith, I doubt you could ignore them.

Blue: Exactly! Why are you letting your children read things that you think is offensive?

Green: It's never been safe to post private or semi-private information on public Facebook pages.
Red: Oh Michelle. How are you going to control who sees things on a PUBLIC page? You can't. You seem to think you can. Writing that no one has your permission, doesn't alter the fact that legally they do.

Green: By the way, how's that working for you? I can still see everything you post. As can several others.

Purple: Try it sometime. Log out of Facebook. Then go to a public page's URL. I bet you'll be amazed.

Orange: JRR, they are hypocrites. They are foul mouthed, name calling, cronies. Nothing else. If this is their behavior in public, I can only imagine what it is like behind closed (virtual) doors.
Red: Pigs. Termites. et al. Remember, she's the one that POSTED this post saying to think how what you say will affect someone before you say it. Guess she doesn't have to practice what she preaches.

Green: Again, how's that working for you? There are several people that are ACTIVE members of A4 that have been sending me screencaps. Let's see how paranoid you are.

Blue: It took her 4 hours to delete this post after she said she was going to do it now.

JRR, you do NOT need help. Nothing you said was in any way inflammatory, derogative, or abusive. YOU were the one who was viciously attacked. I hope you are ok after this.

To those reading this who are on the fence, please remember that these people attacking are the TOP FANS of A4. This is how Gary wants you to act. It's disgusting.

UPDATE: This screencap was just sent to me. It's the conclusion to this post.
Julie, you are a refreshing site on the A4 page. Thank you for standing up for JRR (and the others they call names and treat horridly)

Michelle now wants to poke people's eyes out? THIS IS NOT how someone should ever act. No one has wished harm to them. Why on Earth is she wishing bodily harm on the people that don't agree with her? She is beginning to sound a lot like Gary.

Thank you Daisy. Someone who actually gets how Facebook works.


  1. Daisy got blocked after that comment.

  2. Dear Mr. James,

    As you have not seen fit to answer my request for your financials and tax ID, I have decided that I will make a contribution to other organizations that helps special needs children. Since you are actively posting on Facebook, I know that you have been online and have chosen to ignore this request.

    Due to your failure to answer, I will be making contributions totaling $25,000, yes twenty five thousand dollars to Autism Speaks, United Cerebral Palsy Foundation, Shriners Hospitals for Children and another 2 or 3 organizations pending conversations with their offices. Rest assured, I will make sure that your supporters know that you have chosen not to accept my gift.


    Francine Oliver

  3. HOLY CRAP!! I so wish I could post this on the page. Of course, they'd have a million excuses why he hasn't responded of why he didn't take the money. I guess e wouldn't take the money, then he'd have to share the credit with someone else.


    Nothing ever disappears on the internet. Here is the cached link to the screenshotted conversation. Jennifer's conversation has disappeared presumably because he has you blocked :) Open forums on facebook are not private A4cwsn ladies. If you don't want to own what you say don't say it!

  5. We need a page JUST for all the times things were asked, and NOT answered. :)