Sunday, February 10, 2013

1/31/13 Post Three (Part 2)

This is the 2nd post in a series, please read from the beginning by clicking HERE

Red: Once again, I have no idea what this poster means by this. Are they saying Melissa is Gary? Or are they saying it takes a scammer to know a scammer. I would love to know.

Orange: Well, make sure to inform Gary of that as well. He is the one posting most of the negative and destructive behavior. Remember, he's the one that made the original posts.

Green: And they are. Investigations take time.

Blue: Once again, Gary is blaming someone and saying they are one of the fake profiles, yet once again, he has no proof of this.

Purple: Exactly. He could put a stop to it. He won't. I'm not sure he can.

Yellow: How do you know what these people are doing? And yes, they are making a difference. I saw the light because of them.
Um...what? People have to create fake profiles because Gary bans their real ones for daring to ask a question. I've yet to see ONE PERSON say they didn't receive what was sent. Do you pay attention at all to what the complaints actually are? Apparently not. One of the complaints is that he doesn't give out the amount he takes in. In example, he takes in enough money for 14 iPads and only gives out 10. Does that make it clear enough for you?
Red: Yes, you are. You've collected 10's of thousands of dollars in donations. You are legally required to be transparent with what you did with that money. Maybe not to the public since you're just a d.b.a. but you are are required to report it to someone. At this point, that'd be the Attorney General that you seem hell bent on refusing.

Orange: Did he really say that? Is he publicly admitting he's funneling the money collected in HIS NAME through Very Special People?? VSP has not done a single fundraiser. They've all been done in Gary's name, through A4. Something is EXTREMELY fishy here.

.Yes, he really said this. THAT should wake people up.

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