Monday, February 11, 2013

1/31/13 Post 6 (Part 1)

Yes, we are now on to the SIXTH post of the evening of January 31. There is only one more after this. Then, we'll start on his EPIC unbusinessman like breakdown of February. Most of which he's deleted.

So, here we go: Original post can be found here:

There's going to be a whole lot of good night comments. I'll skip most of them to get right to the main parts of the post.
Red: Why did he have to broadcast how much was donated? Because he's Gary and he was trying to intimidate her.

Green: Exactly. No legitimate anything operates in this manner. Not one single business, charity, what have you has their CEO come on night after night and bully, berate, and badger their fans.

Blue: He will answer this is a bit by saying he'll send her a bill for his time instead. Oh yes, he will.
Red: Can you read this? Lois donated 3 iPads and $1100 to the various GiveForwards and iTunes cards donated to your "charity". She is asking for a refund.

Orange: This is the guy. He'll be labelled with the orange/black arrows. His comments are funny. Pull with Facebook? More like desperate attempt to get Gary to notice him.

Green: Paula didn't vanish. Hit "refresh".

As for comment on his personal life, do you not remember the bullcrap he's been pulling out all night about other people's lives?
Red: See, I told he would. At least he acknowledges she gave him the 3 iPads. However, one of them went directly to his lawyer, not a child in need. Oh, and he didn't pay for gas, or hotel, or food. The community did. Some hotels comped him room stays.

Green: We're quite sure he did keep it. That's why we are asking for transparency. The same transparency he is unwilling to give.
Orange/Black: See what I mean? This guy gets worse as the thread goes on.

Red: Exactly. One of Lois' iPads were given to the lawyer, and he didn't pay for gas, food, hotel.
Red: Ok... Here is a screencap from a different blog on the Lawyer herself admitting she was given an iPad. So, yes Gary, there is proof you gave her one.

Green: You want proof you didn't pay for it? Ok. HERE, HERE, HERE.

See Gary, maybe you shouldn't ask for the proof. Someone always comes up with it.

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  1. $5000 estimated for travel. I'm sorry, but that's 10 more iPads he ego wasted.