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Jan 31, 2013 Post Two (Part 1)

Here is the link to the original post: Once again, heavily modified. If you notice the timestamps, he posted this shortly after the other one. Why? Because apparently the first one wasn't causing enough drama! Is that how a professional businessman acts?
Warning: This post is long. Get some popcorn. Grab a drink. You'll be here a while.

So, once again, here we go:
"This is in your best interest." Well, if that isn't an intimidation tactic, I don't know what is. Once again, why is a businessman posting this in a public forum? If he sent these items, then he has their contact information. It's just another typical Gary James rant for attention.
Richard's first name not withheld due to the fact that Gary uses it repeatedly. This is also an intimidation tactic of his.

Wow. Someone has seen the light. Go Richard. Watch this page tonight, then give your opinion? For anyone who clearly watched the posts that happened that night, I'm sure 99% of them think the same way others do: "What did I just see? Did a businessman just berate people in full view of the public? Did he really just air his dirty laundry to the community he claims to want to help?" The other 1% clearly admit in last screencaps that they don't care what he does. Yes, they really do.
Again, go Richard. That is exactly what he is doing.
Notice the first arrow. That's the graphic designer. The assumption on A4 and with his favorites is that you're either a 'hatter' (he misspells hater) or you're a fake profile if you disagree with him. Richard calls her out on it at the second arrow. The third arrow is Gary's version of who he thinks it is: a former dedicated member of A4 who left many months ago. This is a typical Gary tactic. He claims most all profiles disagreeing with him are one person or another. Fourth arrow, that person calls Gary on it. So, you see that? If you disagree with Gary, you're a fake profile.
Valid question Richard. How can they sit there and let him bully someone? It's an interesting question.
First arrow: How the community funds A4? Really? Maybe you should look into that yourself. Here are just a few for you: ChipIn, ChipIn, GiveForward, GiveForward, GiveForward, GiveForward, GiveForward. There are more out there. There have also been direct donations of cash and through his PayPal.

Second arrow: Stop the name calling? Gary, take your own advice.

Third arrow: If you don't like it, go away and keep your opinions to yourself. Really? That's what we want to teach our children? If someone is treating someone poorly you walk away and don't say anything?

Fourth arrow: No, he asked for it to be raked in public. That's why he posted it in public.
The top comment is made by a former admin of A4. The bottom one? Once again, his graphic designer. How can she possibly think he's taking the respectful and gentlemanly approach to having her contact him?
The last comment is by the same person above that told Richard that if he didn't know what he was talking about to do some research. She's also the same one that wanted to know how the community was funding A4. Funny, once told he had done research on it, and once told that A4 was funded by the community, she changed her tune and went attacking from a different angle.

Once again, this is the graphic designer for A4 talking. If she truly believes broadcasting this to a community of 19,000 (as well as the rest of Facebook) is private, what does this say for what she does to the rest of her clients?

----To be continued------------

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