Saturday, February 16, 2013

Is A4 hacking stuff? Or has Gary lost it?

Original post can be found here:   Like all inflammatory posts from that night, this has been deleted.

Yes. He's going there. This is going to be an entertaining ride.

 Red: You are not the first person to ask this of him. You will not be the last. This is how Gary really is though. He thrives on drama.

Blue: No. No one was doing anything. This was drama started by Gary. However, he is bringing up something that was said in 2011. Yes, you read that right. 2011.
This person NEVER comments on A4. Magically the appear within minutes of this conversation starting. Fishy, fishy.

 Red: You'll see what we're talking about in the next post. He posts a screencap from a conversation that happened in 2011. In typical Gary fashion though, he doesn't post the whole conversation.

 Gary, Gary, Gary. Of course accusations from a year ago matter, however, you are supposed to be an above board businessman. Businessmen do not act like prepubescent teenage girls.  Oh, and I'm sorry that you are so hung up on Tiffany that you think everyone is her. Or Lois. Or Anne. Or a yeti. I can assure you that I am not Tiffany, or Lois, or Anne, or anyone else you want to blame. You ignore 99% of the people on your page because they do not kiss your behind. I was one of them.  Once again, you need to figure out what libel, slander, and defamation are. Slander is SPOKEN word. Libel is WRITTEN word. Defamation is something UNTRUE about a person that hurts their reputation. It is the PETITIONER's responsibility to prove those accusations are untrue. You've yet to prove anyone wrong.

 Red: Once again, one of his favorite "Top Fan"s working hard.

Green: Because you blocked her in 2011? Why do you insist on talking to people you know cannot respond to you? Is it because you think it makes you look right? It doesn't. It makes you look crazy.
Is it really that easy to get you to go away? Oh how I wish it were. As for proving our statement on what you've done, we are. Every time you pull one of these little stunts, more people see your true nature. You are unstable.

Notice the last comment. He moves onto a different post. That's where we'll be headed next.

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