Sunday, February 10, 2013

1/31/13 Post 4

Now we start the guilt trip portion of the evening. These will be heavily screenshotted posts, as there is a lot of butt-kissing. So, here we go.
Original post can be found:
Yep, typical Gary guilt trip after flying off the handle. He threatens this a lot.
Red: Exactly 110% correct. He does. This is his M.O.

Orange: Keep an eye on this one. I'll label all his posts with an orange arrow for this thread. He's rather humorous, but works hard to get Gary to notice him.

Green: A page of love and support calling people flying pigs? Yes, that's exactly my definition of love and support. By the way, come join us.
Red: You know, it's been a week and a half since he posted these. He said he was going to post the police report. Still no post.
Actually, it has nothing to do with that. A lot of people against Gary have won and still recognize him for what he is.
Getting sick of all the butt kissing yet? I am and there's still a ton more to go.
Actually, there are plenty of other people that can judge him. The Attorney General is one of them.
Do you see a common theme here? Butt kissing and saying those against Gary are scum. That is definitely a welcoming community.
Ok. Butt kissing, butt kissing, and more butt kissing. I'm going to be skipping a bunch of the butt kissing and getting on into later posts in this thread. Is that ok with you?

Out of maybe 50+ more comments, these are the only 3 that aren't more butt kissing. This thread did exactly what Gary wanted it to do, show him who was willing to ignore what the 'hatters' were saying and keep on believing in him. Iris is one of the few that night, myself included, that saw that the drama was originating with Gary. HE IS THE ONE THAT CAUSES THE DRAMA.

What other businessman does the kinds of things Gary does?

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