Tuesday, March 12, 2013

You are not worthy

This post was located at: https://www.facebook.com/a4cwsn/posts/464853556915221 Like most all of Gary's inflammatory posts, it has been deleted.

I do not know if I have all of the comments for this thread. I was not online at the time. This is a mishmash of several people's screen captures. The majority of the content of this thread is based around Gary refusing to share a link to a fundraiser for a child after he told the mother he would.

 You can read about the claim that he never left here. A4cwsn survivor blog

 $2000 was more than he could support through the community? He raised that amount in January in 24 hours for a computer for his graphic designer. http://www.facebook.com/a4cwsn/posts/434436619956915
Back to the thread:

 You don't entertain anyone's questions. You ignore them. Delete them. Hide them.

From what I understand, this post was deleted at this point. He then posted another thread that will be posted in another blog post.

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